Connect with Nutritionista

Bianca Peyvan, The Nutritionista, is a Los Angeles-based registered dietitian with a graduate degree from CSU Los Angeles in nutritional science and a certificate in alternative nutrition.  Bianca integrates her scientific understanding of nutritional science with a holistic approach to wellness and health. She has worked with many individuals with issues ranging from obesity to gluten free diets to renal failure, giving a depth of experiences she can bring to all of her clients.

Bianca’s academic focus has been on insuring that weight management, nutritional health and proper nutrition doesn’t need to be challenging. She believes in the concept of a "Nutritionista" diet which respects the science and health components of eating with the joy and pleasure of food. Bianca believes that some of life's most exquisite experiences come from engaging one’s taste buds and that healthy can indeed mean delicious without sacrificing taste. 

Bianca's holistic approach to wellness combines her passions into a mantra of healthy living without deprivation. Bianca endeavors to share her knowledge of food and wellness with a larger audience, making a nutritious lifestyle effortless, mindful and more accessible to the general population.  Bianca's Nutritionista concept is to enable fashionable eating through using fresh, seasonal and delicious ingredients in order to achieve and maintain one’s ideal body weight while avoiding the stress that accompanies traditional diets and weight management programs.

Bianca began working in menu design and planning for her weight loss clients as supplement to the work she did as a personal trainer and yoga instructor ten years ago. She has since worked in the hospitality industry for top-tier organizations such as the Ritz Carlton, the Kempinski and Morgan's Hotel Group where her experiences have helped fine tune her knowledge of dining and cuisine.

Bianca currently works with private clients and corporations who wish to expand their knowledge of healthy cooking, living and eating. Bianca often partners with her mother, Dr. Shadye Peyvan, to holistically merge acupuncture, green wellness and nutrition for both their clients.